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Career counseling is essential for students, but finding the right definition and goals for your career can be challenging. If you are looking for guidance from an experienced education counsellor for students, RnRStudiezs is here to help! Our dedicated experts are here to guide you in making smart choices for your future.
RnRStudiezs opened its doors in 2009 in Bhubaneswar with a mission to guide and support young minds toward academic success through counselling. With an impressive record of over 3,500 successful admissions, our career counselling programs help students find opportunities that align with their goals. Through our sessions, we have helped students from around the globe, including South America, Africa, and the Middle East, get admission to prestigious universities like Columbia and Penn for undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programs.

Personalized Guidance

Get personalized career advice based on your unique strengths, interests, and goals.

Expert Insight

Gain access to insider information and contacts that can shed light on emerging fields and opportunities.

Efficient Career Planning

Find detailed career planning advice needed to get to your ideal career path.

Choose The Right Stream/Degree With Our Career Counselling Programs

From pre-departure orientations to career counseling, our career guidance and counselling for students cover it all, expertly and compassionately supporting students through their educational path.
Eligibility Criteria:
Eligibility Criteria:
Eligibility Criteria:

Invest In The Right Career Path

Discover your strengths and interests with the best career counselling for students

Plan ₹ 1,499

Degree Selector

✔ 11th Std & 12th Std    (Degree/ Specialisation selector, Medical/ Engineering/ CA/ UPSC dropout options)
✔ Career Interest, Aptitude, Personality Test
✔ Automated Career Assessment Report  to shortlist appropriate Stream
✔ Post Counselling Services : Student Helpline, Study Abroad Helpline

Plan ₹24,999

Career Path Pro

✔ Insightful analysis of your aptitude, personality, and interests.
✔ Professional recommendation of suitable career paths.
✔ Absolute clarity in selecting your stream, subject combination, course, and college.
✔ Live Career Class & Chat with an expert
✔ Career Counselling Sessions

Early Exposure

Get a head start on your career exploration and learn about different opportunities.

Long-Term Career Satisfaction

Through our career counselling for college students, make informed career choices for more stable and rewarding career paths.

Academic Focus

Align your academic goals with your career ambitions and boost motivation and performance.


Trusted by Hundreds of Students and Tutors

RnRStudiezs helped me every step of the way, from choosing the right course to preparing for exams. Highly recommend !

Aarav Dash

RnRStudiezs made my dream of higher education abroad a reality. Can’t thank them enough for their assistance.

Priya Mohanty

RnRStudiezs knows what students like me want and helps us make it happen with their smart advice.

Niharika Jena

Grateful to RnRStudiezs for making studying abroad feel achievable. Their support is invaluable !

Siddharth Mishra