Eligibility Criteria For MBBS

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Medical Career Counselling: The Guidance You Need To Build Your Future In Healthcare
Taking care of people and ensuring they are healthy can be a satisfying job. Due to this, the demand for medical positions is quite high and well-paying. From doctors and nurses to therapists, the medical field offers tons of opportunities to those who want to join this industry.
Professional Opportunities

● General practice doctor
● Cardiologist
● Anaesthetist
● Clinical radiologist
● Neurologist
● Ophthalmologist
● Psychiatrist
● Surgeon
● Pathologist

Work Description

● Perform thorough physical exams to assess patients health, history, and symptoms.
● Treat patients with both general and specialty treatment
● Identify health issues and come up with treatment strategies.
● Prescribe drugs, treatments, and surgical procedures.
● Check in on patients and make any required changes to their treatment schedules.


● An MBBS degree is the most important credential for entering the medical field. To take this course, one must pass the NEET examination. The eligibility criteria to sit for this exam is 10+2 or equivalent with Science subjects.
● Apart from NEET, many private universities conduct their entrance examinations for admissions.

Entrance Exam
How Can We Help?
Career counseling is an essential resource for aspiring doctors in the challenging and competitive world of medical education. RnRStudiezs conducts career counselling for medical students that lets you explore different medical specialties, learn about the admissions standards of different medical schools, and get insight into the requirements and challenges of a medical profession.